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2023 Roofing Trends

People often don’t think about the roof when designing their home. However, roofs provide aesthetic appeal as well as protection, from storms and harsh weather, for you and your loved ones. If you don’t choose a roof that you love, you may not smile when you drive up to your home.

It’s important to give your roof the care it deserves. Roofing is subject to seasonal and style changes like any other product. Therefore, we recommend choosing a roof that will last many years because replacing a roof can be costly.

If you are in the market for a roofing remodel or just interested in something non-traditional, here are some 2023 trends to look out for in the coming new year.

1. Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is becoming more popular and will continue to be so in the future.

The metal roof has a striking appearance and you can choose from many styles to easily personalize the look to suit your needs.

Photo by Chris Robert on Unsplash

It’s important to note that this roof is more expensive than the other options. However, these roofs last longer, so you will likely spend less over the years. Plus, they require almost no maintenance each year.

2. Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are a great choice when choosing a roof design. For example, if your home is predominantly light-colored, you might want a darker roof to help your home stand out a little more.

Photo by Jacques Bopp on Unsplash

Today, you can find boldly colored roofs. As people move away from the monochromatic colors of the 2000s, blues and reds are making an immediate comeback. Thus, consider bolder colors if you are re-roofing in the coming new year.

3. Solar Panels

Solar panels are also becoming more popular roofing options as a means to be more eco-friendly.

Solar panels are a renewable energy source that can help lower your energy bills. According to a Forbes’ study, solar panels can help households save approximately $1,500 per year. That’s wonderful news for you! You can use those savings to take a vacation, save up for your child’s college fund, save for a new car, or whatever your heart desires.

Photo by Vivint Solar on Unsplash

As solar panels become more affordable, more people are switching to them. Consider solar panels if you are interested in going green!

4. Green Roofs

Although not seen as often—at least, not yet—as the roofs listed above, green roofing is gaining popularity as more eco-friendly design options are made available. This style involves the growing of plants directly on your roof. These plants are usually made up of moss or short grasses that help keep your home cool.

Photo by Tommy Kwak on Unsplash

This option will require you to install a garden on your roof, which can be a little more difficult. However, it can be an exceptional design choice that sets your home apart, if done right, and maybe even make your neighbors “green with envy."